Orchidee Aprosio dal 1901 fiore reciso di Paphiopedilum


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Aprosio Orchids, the best orchids since 1901

It all started back in Genoa at the inception of the 19th century, thanks to one of our kin who was a gardener.
At the time, the affluent and the upper class would duly collect orchids as a sign of distinction and prestige. Meanwhile ships returning from the Indies used to call at the port of Genoa carrying spices as well as particular plants to boot.

Having by lucky chance received some plants as a present, our family grew and honed this passion for flowers, which would soon become a profession spanning over four generations.
Growing orchids for over a century means having been able to overcome wars, social upheavals and an overall lack of know-how in dealing with these plants. We really have come into an incredible heritage, in which we do take particular pride.

Our family-run firm is located in Sanremo and covers about 2.47 acres. We have laboratories for sowing as well planting and growing in vitro, which have enabled us to develop new varieties. The Paphiopedilum features remain, in spite of having been on the market for decades, present-day and modern.
Sanremo has proved to be the ideal place for producing these flowers, which we sell across national and international markets.


1What does Paphiopedilum mean?
It stems from the Greek word Paphos, a Cyprus city, hometown to the Goddess Aphrodite (Venus) and Pedilon, which means slipper. The translation would be Lady’s-slipper and it refers to the lip (labellum) shape of this variety of flowers.
2Why give a Paphiopedilum as a present?
Because it is a meaningful gift, a symbol of perfect harmony. It is meant for winning over a lady or to celebrate a mother as well as many other situations where words may not be enough.
3Looking after a Paphiopedilum.
We suggest doing what is needed for almost all flowers:

  • Change water every 2/3 days
  • Cut off 0,5 cm of base once a week
  • Keep in not too hot a place
4Why is the Paphiopedilum so prized?
Because these flowers are extra-demanding and difficult to grow. Only after six years will the flower appear from the seed. They can not be reproduced by meristem, which means a very slow varietal growth.
5Where do producers grow the Paphiopedilum orchids?
In Italy they are grown in Liguria (North-West). Sanremo being the major growing hub.
6Where can we find them?
In major nurseries. From late Autumn to early Spring.
7Which is the most suitable vase for this flower?
When at home preferably in a see-through glass vase, tall and narrow enough to prop the flower by two/thirds (2/3) of length. Great on its own or in odd numbers, not more than 7 stems though.
8Do Paphiopedilum orchids exist in the Italian flora?
No, they don’t. Their closest kin being the Cypripedium Calceorus, also called “ the lady’s-slipper orchid”.


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